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Dr. Tinaya York is the Founder and Lead Consultant at Literacy for Life. Her vision- Schools where all students learn to read and understand increasingly complex texts and ideas.

Dr. York has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, literacy coach, manager, director, district-level leader, assistant principal, and principal. In each role, she has raised the literacy skills and achievement of children K - HS, particularly Black and Brown children.

Her main ingredients for success are authenticity, care, and collaborative meaning-making.

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Services Offered

Strategic Planning for Education Administrators and Non-Profits

How do I plan to do something different? How do we bring changes to scale?

This service provides effective tools and techniques to help you create and execute plans that will raise literacy achievement.

Professional Development

What do my principals or teachers need to know about literacy instruction? What's a phoneme? How do I lead for literacy?

This service is for school and district-level leaders seeking learning opportunities to transform or elevate current practices.

Coaching and Consulting

Need a thought partner or want expert advice? Do you need more in-depth supports to enhance your professional capacity?

Coaching or consulting provides the just-in-time supports you need to lead the literacy and instructional work of your building, district or non-profit.

Voices from the Field

"Dr. York's passion for building solid systems and structures yields impressive results. She challenges you to think strategically, holds you accountable for progress, and possesses extensive knowledge in literacy instruction and administration. Dr. York's dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset in the field of education. If you are seeking an authentic, passionate, and results-driven coach, Dr. York is the ideal choice. You will not be disappointed!"

-Tasheba, Literacy Coach

"One thing I appreciate most about Tinaya is her ability to ask questions that make you pause and reflect on the full impact of decisions you make. She's relentless and unapologetic about her drive to ensure all students, but especially black and brown students, have access to grade level, complex text in all classes. And, she's transparent in her understanding that grade level text may be difficult for some kids, but nonetheless, they deserve the opportunity to access and make meaning of such text."

-Dawn, High School Principal

"Dr. York brings the ENERGY! Her knowledge and expertise is extraordinary! That coupled with her passion for learners to become literate sets her apart! My students and teachers are better because of her ability to capitalize on what we were great at to build us up! She is hands on and knows how to create avenues to greatness!"

-Monique, Elementary Principal

"I appreciate your tactful willingness to push me when needed and the introspectiveness of your questioning methods regarding my instructional choices and routines."

-High School Teacher

"Dr. York's passion for literacy is evident through her work in developing the capacity of leaders and teachers on strong instructional literacy practices. I can personally attest that her professional development sessions made me a stronger instructional leader."

-Sherisse, Assistant Principal

"She knows the work! You will not find a more REAL thought partner to push your thinking around how adults and students learn literacy. Dr. York will equip you with systems & tools that mesh theory and practice as you think about your thinking."

-Nicole, Instructional Support Leader

"Tinaya is a skilled passionate educator who knows how to help teachers improve their practice in order to improve student learning."

-Liz, Superintendent

"Dr. Tinaya York’s expertise as it relates to literacy for Black children is unmatched. You will not find another as committed and passionate on the topic. Furthermore, her professionalism and ability to make the information digestible is a gift. I’ve always appreciated how she breaks down highly complex information and makes it practical."

-Joyce, Education Consultant

"Dr. York is the perfect partner to engage your team in strategic planning. She has the ability to ask questions that usher individuals into deep thought about desired outcomes and the practical steps needed to achieve them. She is able to sift through theory, identify the best content and then support groups as they lean into practical application, not by telling but by guiding. She is masterful."

-Cheryl, Former Chief of Schools & Education Consultant

"Dr. York…Nothing short of amazing. She was able to gather various resources and create an easy to navigate scope and sequence for our teachers. The scope and sequence was tailored to our district/school specific needs with just in time support for our struggling readers."

-Terriyaka, Middle School Principal

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